Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where Were You at 7am Yesterday?

By Erin Ferucci
Celebrity Lifestyle Designer

I was in the refrigerator...which at 7am feels more like a freezer!!Every Tuesday morning around 7 am, you'll find me in the freezer....well, at the wholesale flower mart's freezer/frig. One of my current design adventures is doing a weekly floral design for a fabulous restaurant in Venice Beach, CA, called A/K. Each week is a delectable journey of seasons and regions...from Chile to Holland...each week is different…it’s so great is my life that I get paid to flower shop??!! The flowers were so beautiful and fragrant this week I just wanted to pull a mattress in and sleep among the flowers! Can you imagine waking up to this fragrant riot of color? It’s impossible to be anything but happy around flowers.

While I was shopping I saw the florals being amassed for two different weddings – very fun! One was yellow and white….

the other…, pink, pink.

My mission is a little different. Buying weekly flowers while sticking to a budget means buying SEASONAL flowers. You would think it would be limiting, but the opposite is true, it’s actually wonderful creative fun picking the freshest flowers and deciding how to create an exciting arrangement that is colorful and current. It’s like being a chef, really and shopping at a farmer's market, choosing the best ingredients while formulating a recipe…Buying seasonal, saves a lot of $$ and gets you the freshest results.

AK is lovely restaurant, serving incredible food. The flowers need to be sophisticated yet simple. This week my inspiration was purple starting with purple hydrangeas,

a deep eggplant purple that I ultimately paired with... gorgeous flowering hyacinths and... ox blood Dahlia’s!

Sorry if you want to see the actual arrangements you’ll have to make the trip to A/K. It’ll be worth it. Tell them Erin sent you!


Anonymous said...

Very nice to see the flowers. Would love to see some of your AK arrangements!

vicki archer said...

Gorgeous Erin - the flowers are totally divine - I completely understand why you wanted to do them. xv

Nicole DeRuiter said...

Just came across this post, Erin! What a lovely description of your weekly flower routine. :)

-Nicole at Teleflora