Friday, March 27, 2009

Super Jet

By Erin Ferucci
Celebrity Lifestyle Designer

It seems like everyone is talking about the Super Jet, and with good reason. The Airbus A380, AKA the "Super Jet" is the largest passenger plane in the world. With 2 full levels and 239 feet of length the Airbus has the equivalent space of two full tennis courts put together. It's huge! But it's size isn't the only thing that makes it distinctive. It is the epitome of luxury travel.

Designer, Marc Newson, a London based designer but native Australian was hired by Qantas to head the project. Newson is known for his retro aesthetic and extremely wide variety of projects, everything from interiors to the fuel efficient cars of the future. On the Qantas Airbus there are 14 exclusive first-class cabins, each with personal storage a dining table that seats two, a leather chair that contains converts to a bed and a 17 inch LCD television. In business class there are 72 private lounges with leather sofas, sky bed seats, large video monitors and self serve bars.
The Super Jet has already changed the way in which we travel, and I’m not just talking about the windows in the first class bathrooms! It seems that the new plane is so gianormous that additional service roads and runways have to be closed in order to land the Airbus at LAX, causing disruptions for other airplanes and general traffic!

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Alkemie said...

Wow, this is one chic and cool jet! Love the decor and design. I wish they'd put as much thought into designing all planes!

Karen Olivia