Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dayna Decker's Candle Line - My Fav!

DayNa Decker's unique candle line is really impeccable. Her "chandels" transcend good taste. The packaging is beautiful and the truly innovative "EcoWood" wicks used in her candles crackle when burning. It's like having a personal fireplace!

The affordable line is the Botanika line. These candles are made with aromatic gel in several different scents. They look great, smell wonderful and at prices ranging from $34 to $74 these candles make great gifts.

If you are looking for a truly remarkable gift DayNa Decker offers "conceptual gifting" that is spectacular.

On the higher end are the exotic woods Luminesse sculptures. This is the kind of candle Tom Ford would buy; in fact he probably already owns one.

I even love DayNa Decker's website, a direct quote:

“Providing both artistic impression and provocative ambience, one does not just light an illuminating sculpture, one experiences it. From the mesmerizing flicker of the flame as it works its way across the top, to the ebb and flow of glow dancing with the surrounding air, it is the perfect fusion of form and function manifested in light.”

These candles are amazing. Treat yourself to the experience and give one as a gift.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Garden Visit at Charles Jacobson

In the middle of the city, down a mysterious hidden alley way, off the "beaten path", is an oasis called Charles Jacobson. As you approach you are greeted by tremendous wrought iron gates from India, in the background you can hear gentle water flowing from fountains and the sounds of birds softly chirping. This is how your garden visit to Charles Jacobson begins.
Interior design is as much about setting a mood as it is about color and function. Charles Jacobson clearly understands how to set a mood, making him a favorite among interior designers. Every time I visit, I have to remind myself that this amazing, immaculate wonderland exists in the middle of Los Angeles. It really is unbelievable. The trees in the garden are filled with bird cages from Chinatown, and each cage is home to an exotic bird. There are sitting areas all over the garden for designers to take a break or enjoy lunch while conjuring up idea for their clients. I love to enjoy the ambience of the garden and listen to the exotic birds chat with the birds that come to visit from the neighborhood.The shop and garden are filled with treasures, one of a kind wonders that are whimsical and unique. Furniture from all over the world is displayed, there is a definite Asian influence, but as each piece is hand picked by Charles himself there is an impeccable, tasteful through line. Charles skilled eye ensures that each piece is unique and special. The "Garden" is a wholesale warehouse where a designer can bring their client, shop and enjoy a
peaceful field trip. Charles Jacobson also has a showroom at the Pacific Design Center, and while it is indoors, temperature controlled and lovely (they even play taped birds chirping softly through out the showroom) I prefer to visit the garden oasis and marvel in its wonder.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Floral Art LA

In Venice, California there is an amazing shop that is appropriatley titled Foral Art. They feature really stunning arrangements that are innovative and evocative. They are truly works of art.

Whether you are seeking a more traditional arrangementwith a vintage flair...

or a spectacular architectural arrangement...

or a stunning gift box...

Floral Art has the style sense and sensability to add unspeakable finesse to any arrangement.

Their use of color, texture and living art is remarkable.

The truly beautiful thing about flowers is you don't have to be wealth to use them.

Imagine three of these vases in a row on banquet table, visually stunning and spectacularly inexpensive.

Visit Floral Art and find yourself rejuvinated and inspired. I know I do. This is my Los Angeles floral secret and now it can be yours.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stalked by a Design Theme

Did you ever feel as though a theme were stalking you? I had an amazing field trip the other day where I really felt that I began to appreciate marble in a deeper more meaningful way. While I was enjoying this new appreciation of marble I came across this amazing rose marble tile.

This particular tile is produced by a company called Hagan Flynn, Inc. The Tile technique is titled “Cameo” it is a “modular system of coverings executed in two-colored marbles, with a strong decorative character.”

The tiles, which are designed by Raffaello Galiotto, are currently available in four different styles
Rose (shown), Serpentina, Rete and Alkazar.

The tiles are really heavy and would require a professional plan to mount them in the fashion shown in the pictures.

I found myself being really attracted to the rose tiles. I have to be honest that my attraction to them was a little off beat from my usual Island living flair. There was something about them that reminded me of those women in New York City in the Seventies with Bakelite bracelets. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the rose tile.

Later in the day, still shopping, in another part of the city I came across this rug with the exact same design element.

And it occurred to me that I am being stalked by this rose theme. I will let you know where it leads!