Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dayna Decker's Candle Line - My Fav!

DayNa Decker's unique candle line is really impeccable. Her "chandels" transcend good taste. The packaging is beautiful and the truly innovative "EcoWood" wicks used in her candles crackle when burning. It's like having a personal fireplace!

The affordable line is the Botanika line. These candles are made with aromatic gel in several different scents. They look great, smell wonderful and at prices ranging from $34 to $74 these candles make great gifts.

If you are looking for a truly remarkable gift DayNa Decker offers "conceptual gifting" that is spectacular.

On the higher end are the exotic woods Luminesse sculptures. This is the kind of candle Tom Ford would buy; in fact he probably already owns one.

I even love DayNa Decker's website, a direct quote:

“Providing both artistic impression and provocative ambience, one does not just light an illuminating sculpture, one experiences it. From the mesmerizing flicker of the flame as it works its way across the top, to the ebb and flow of glow dancing with the surrounding air, it is the perfect fusion of form and function manifested in light.”

These candles are amazing. Treat yourself to the experience and give one as a gift.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i tried the website listed for Dayna Decker you have and it is pointed to the wrong place. the site is actually at not

essason said...

I am addicted to these candles! The fragrance is so amazing and it lingers throughout my whole house. The crackling wood wick is very soothing.