Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Floral Art LA

In Venice, California there is an amazing shop that is appropriatley titled Foral Art. They feature really stunning arrangements that are innovative and evocative. They are truly works of art.

Whether you are seeking a more traditional arrangementwith a vintage flair...

or a spectacular architectural arrangement...

or a stunning gift box...

Floral Art has the style sense and sensability to add unspeakable finesse to any arrangement.

Their use of color, texture and living art is remarkable.

The truly beautiful thing about flowers is you don't have to be wealth to use them.

Imagine three of these vases in a row on banquet table, visually stunning and spectacularly inexpensive.

Visit Floral Art and find yourself rejuvinated and inspired. I know I do. This is my Los Angeles floral secret and now it can be yours.

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