Friday, April 10, 2009

Market Week Trend Spotting #1

By Erin Ferucci
Celebrity Lifestyle Designer

Two weeks I was immersed in market week, a big event in Los Angeles for Interior Designers.!!
Designers came into town from all over the U.S. to view new collections of fabrics and furniture, meet other designers, see new products, etc. etc. and wow was this event amazing!!

Most everyone re-designed their showrooms, threw absolutely beautiful parties, and wined and dined all of us designers. It was fun to meet all the editor's of the big design magazines too. They like to get to know us as much as we like to get to know them!! It's fun to talk shop amongst your peers too. Everyone is so supportive of one another…and were all chins up- in this economy...

To see all of the new things was amazing too!!
I noticed the resurgence in WING CHAIRS!!! They were everywhere!!!!!! I mean everywhere!!
Take a look for trend spotting #1... classically tailored...

studded wing backs...contemporary wing backs...even chaise wing backs. Wing backs are hot right now. Even Ethan Allen has jumped on the band wagon.


Francine Gardner said...

I also love a wing back chair in any interior, would it be contemporary with a twist or a great find in the"marche aux puces".
Enjoyed a few parties as well while I was in my LA showroom during market was a fun time away from New York

Anonymous said...

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