Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Slept With John Saladino Last Night

By Erin Ferucci
Celebrity Lifestyle Designer

Yes, its true....he was with me!! Under the covers and all!! The god of design spent the night with me, manifested in the form of his new Book "Saladino VILLA". STUNNING!!

I have been doing Interior Design for over 20 years now, and hands down John Saladino is the biggest star in my eyes. I met him once...I was eating a scrumptious focaccia sandwich with my friend Philip Stites from THERIEN, and right as the lettuce and the tomato were in my mouth (all of it- ‘cause you know it never really breaks down) I looked up, and there he was! John Saladino in the flesh!! OMG!! My hands started sweating…my knees were weak. I was too nervous to stand up. I wasn't this nervous when I met Mick Jagger! And there I was with 2 pounds of focaccia, lettuce and tomatoes hanging from my lips. UGGH! I began frantically whipping mayonnaise off my chin as he approached our table. Somehow with my heart beating frantically and my hands trembling, I managed to pull it together (sans mayo) by the time Phillip introduced me. It was all too brief… But now, a night with my arms around his…book. I may never be the same.

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kgates said...

saw your blog about john saladino when researching him on the web. you seem interested in Mr. saladino and i own a painting done by him in 1959 while he was a student at the kansas city art institute. it is entitled "old man and the sea"
you may contact me at if you would like a picture of it.