Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Just Can't Get Enough!

By Erin Ferucci
Celebrity Lifestyle Designer

I just cannot get enough of Suzanis. I know they were all the rage last year with designers, but now they have gotten me!! In a good way! This is Anne Becker's home in Manhattan. Photographed for the March 2009 issue for Elle D├ęcor by Simon Upton.It’s everywhere.....
Photos courtesy of House Beautiful......
Cheerful no?
For real antique Suzanis visit Ruzzetti & Gow via their website or New York showroom.
Christopher Gow of Ruzzeti & Gow is a treasure trove of information on these wonderful designs.
According to Gow, "Most of the suzanis were prepared and used for ceremonial functions like wedding dowries and furnishings for the bridal bed or the embellishment of reception rooms and trappings for horses and their riders. As such the antique ones usually have some signs of age especially with the black colored embroidery: the black dye does not age as well as the others and is the first to wear away, leaving designs that were not originally intended but sometimes equally as interesting.
Given the general “not perfect” condition and the dramatic patterns of the Suzanis it takes someone with a lot of style to pull it off! Usually I only used to see them in European homes but now they are popping up more in American homes and they look great!"

My friend Martyn Lawrence Bullard
has even re-created the "Suzanni" pattern into his own fabric line.
He loves Suzanni's so much, they were the inspiration for his new candle line.Note the packaging. I love it!

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