Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ceylon et Cie

By Erin Ferucci
Celebrity Lifestyle Designer

November’s Elle Décor magazine features the lovely and wonderful Michelle Nussbaumer who has been a really good friend to me over many years!

Michelle is an amazing designer and a wonderful person. Her passion to hunt down the best taste in everything around the world is infectious!!!
She mixes treasures from all over, different centuries layered together..Regency
with mid-century, ornate with under-stated...she really has "THE gift"!
You walk into any of her exquisite homes and your jaw immediately drops! She is a master at achieving easy elegance that is layered, textured and exquisite.
She makes everything feel so warm and unintimidating! Pure class!

I cannot wait to visit her shop in Dallas called Ceylon et Cie.

Take a look at these lovely lamps of Michelle’s
the darker one is actually petrified wood from Brazil...
(wood that is soooo old it turns into stone that is beautifully textured)I have never seen it in a lamp form, only in a side table stump.

The shell fossil is thousands of years old! called AMMONITE.
It is mounted on an acrylic base with a linen shade...truly lovely.

I think I'll get these for myself!

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My Notting Hill said...

The third picture is of one of my favorite rooms!