Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Touch of Europe Comes to Houston

By Erin Ferucci
Celebrity Lifestyle Designer

Designer Pamela Pierce applied her signature European style to her own Kitchen....
Check out the Viking refrigerator, my favorite. I loved that she ripped down walls and inserted metal framed windows that pour all the light in!!She added in antiques from her travels to Europe to warm up the space. I love the old beam window headers, the French antique limestone pavers on the floor…The dining chairs are 18th century -Dutch. I love that she ripped out all upper cabinets and installed open shelving...the shelving and back splash are all the same as the countertops, Statuary Marble.
The floors in her pantry sounded really great, they are old pine flooring she found from a cheese shop in Sweden!!!
~Photography by Stephen Karlisch~

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cotedetexas said...

Pam Pierce is one of my favorite designers - her house is gorgeous!!!! the grounds are so wonderful - it's a small lot, but she has created separate rooms outside - it is truly beautiful!