Friday, December 12, 2008

Malibu Market & Design

By Erin Ferucci
Celebrity Lifestyle Designer

If you saw my recent Blog about Dayna Decker candles then you know that I am a fan. I got an invitation the other day for a Dayna Decker Trunk Show at a lovely shop, Malibu Market & Design, located at 25001 Pacific Coast Highway.
Who could resist? Hands down this is my favorite store in Malibu and certainly in my top 5 for all of Los Angeles. I have to admit that I don’t get to Malibu on a regular basis. But if you are in the neighborhood, it is worth stopping in!

The shop is huge, ginormous, really. It has 4 levels and is built up into a hillside…stunning, stunning, stunning!!! I always say I need to wear my hiking boots to see everything.
They feature indoor and outdoor goods from all over the world. The inventory is always changing as they get in new items from South Africa, Italy, India, etc… The top floor features modern Italian and French kitchens. This is my dream table all 14 feet of it. The middle floor showcases world travels; there is a real Africa exotic flavor with a hut and a wide variety or outdoor furniture from Europe and Indonesia. On the ground floor flowers, plants, candles and gifts are sold. I love these hand blown Italian glasses. My favorite is this amazing powder room sink, Italian, of course!I love the taste level on all three floors.
Put on some comfortable shoes, clear you schedule for a few yours and check out Malibu Market & Design for yourself.

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