Thursday, July 31, 2008

Marble Yard Field Trip

I love a great field trip! I was looking for a piece of marble the other day and found myself on on another fabulous field trip, just another day in the life of an interior designer. I kept thinking of how lucky I was to be able to view this unique treasure. So I decided to share my guilty pleasure. Check out Marble Unlimited.

First I got a great tour of the showroom which featured the most spectacular stock. Take a look at some of these divine pieces.

Big, bold and Bohemian sunset!

This piece, one of my favorites, is called Verde Malachite. This selective marble is actually pieced together in Carrara, Italy out of smaller cuts making it one of the more exclusive and expensive stones available. In Italy they use this stone for smaller projects or as an accent. Imagine a powder room accented in this with an 8ft slab or an entire shower which would be really dynamic. This is really dramatic and should only be used for the right application.

Marble Unlimited features over 300 types of stone so there is literally something for everyone. These are actually 2 slabs of onyx placed together for sheer drama. This piece has the simplicity of a Georgia O'Keefe painting. Its so organic and natural but so dramatic, it makes quite a statement. I love onyx! I used it in all of the bathrooms I recently did in a contemporary custom home in Sun Valley, Idaho. It's really stunning. The clients love it; check out the pictures on my website:
Onyx can come from Italy, sometimes Pakistan, Guatemala and Mexico. Each piece is hand crafted out of existing pieces to create a truly unique art piece.

These shell fossils are nestled in all natural quartz from Italy.

The fossils are over millions of years old and are placed artfully in the quartz to create a spectacular effect, for a wider range of consumer use.

The stone yard was so interesting that I found myself caught up in the process of mining and exporting these huge slabs – more on that in the next blog – stop back, you won’t believe how amazing this process is!

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