Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One Of My Favorite Galleries

By Erin Ferucci

Each time I look down the quaint passage on to Rue Jacob, I feel a rush of excitement. It’s one of those unbelievably delightful Paris streets that could so easily be lost in the crazy labyrinth of city existence, but when you find it, it’s like being transported back in time.
It’s a cobblestoned, tree lined wonderland full of mysteries and ripe with extreme characters worthy of a Felini Film.
There are just layers upon layers of richness, history and depth. In the morning the essence lingers from the smoky jazz clubs, antique shop owner’s hose the sidewalks clean but the romance of the previous evening’s revels remains. It’s the kind of street where you can imagine walking through a gate and discovering a hidden garden, the air textured with the scent of early afternoon blooms. A mysterious elderly woman stands in a doorway, seemingly sizing you up. For what ever reason you have passed the test and she invites you in to her secluded antique shop. This is the beating heart of Rue Jacob; art, mystery, history and seclusion. It is on this favorite of thoroughfares that one can find the Gallery Gordon Pym & Fils. Within this tiny space is a world of delectable art. It would be easy to misjudge such a tiny space, but it transcends physical space to provide a jewel box myriad of talent that is remarkable. I am honored to call Gottfried Tollmann, the gallery owner, a close friend. Like his gallery Gottfried is a unique outgoing character. He is that rare spirit that everyone wants to be friends with. To say that he is witty, flamboyant and charismatic only begins to describe his incredible energy.

Featured in the gallery are a collection of artist’s work that are spectacularly rich and exotic. Among my personal favorites is Gunter Tollmann,
his effortless talent defies description. His bold, enigmatic blend of German expressionism and The School of Paris style is fresh, evocative, unique and insightful.
I am also a joyous collector of Chris Newman.

With an experimental interdisciplinary approach that is both chaotic and divine, Newman bends the mediums of music, painting, video, drawing and literature to his unique flavor of storytelling.
Newman’s expression of chaos into form is both haunting and maybe slightly crazy.

Currently featured at The Gordon Pym gallery is a decadent installation entitled “Dirty Little Pots” by artist Roger Herman. These exotic and erotic pots were featured last summer at The Santa Monica Museum of Art. If you missed them here treat yourself to a Parisian viewing where you can soak in all the decadence of this delightful gallery.

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