Tuesday, March 9, 2010

J. H. Minassian Vintage Inspired Rugs by Erin Ferucci, Designs 4 Living

By Erin Ferucci
Celebrity Lifestyle Designer

Antique Rugs...what can I say...they're beautiful.
But they aren't always practical. If your budget and your lifestyle don't support having an antique rug (let's face it sippy cups with grape juice are not a vintage rugs friend) you can always have an Antique Inspired Rug. They're economical, beautiful and durable. My favorite place to shop for reproductions is J.H. Minassian & Co. They have been in business in Los Angeles since 1905 and they carry both antique rugs and the finest reproductions available. Their shop on Melrose is fabulous and you won't find a more helpful sales force. Look at these rugs, all reproductions. If you are looking for rugs make sure that you visit J.H. Minassian & Co.

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Oriental Antique Oversized Rugs and Carpets said...

fantastic entry, love the carpets photographed. Keen eye for high style, we love it