Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tomato Abundance ~The Affordable Chic Gourmet Meal by Erin Ferucci, Designs 4 Living

By Erin Ferucci
Designs 4 Living
You may have noticed yourself feeling a little discontent with your normal food choices the last few weeks. Fear not! That is just your inner gourmet telling you that your nearest Farmer's Market has the most amazing treats in store. It is harvest time! The freshest ingredients are available now for the lowest prices, why would your taste buds be satisfied with anything else?
This is a simple gourmet meal that I was able to pull together in 10 minutes for under $20.
One of the best ingredients available right now are the heirloom tomatoes. Seriously, if you have been eating those pink hot house tomatoes that are available year round in conventional grocery stores, then you have got to try an heirloom tomato, you won't believe the difference.
Heirloom tomatoes are incredibly versatile and economical. They come in a wide range of colors sizes and flavors. Try them all to see which ones are your favorites. They can be used to create days worth of economical gourmet meals.
Day 1 Buy the tomatoes and cut them into wedges to be served with drizzled good quality olive oil, fresh mozzarella, italian prosciutto and basil. Add salt and pepper, but instead of the run of the mill salt and pepper pick a nice cracked pepper and French Sea Salt, it will make the tomatoes sweat and bring out their natural essence.
Day 2 Rub warm fresh bread with olive oil and garlic. Toast the bread and then add the chopped heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil for a beautiful and sumptuous bruschetta. By toasting the bread first it stays nice and crispy. The subtle taste of garlic on your lips adds to the sensual experience of this inexpensive feast.
Day 3 Toss all the ingredients in heavy fry pan with some crushed garlic and olives and serve it over al dente pasta. Yum!
What a great, easy way to make tomatoes last all weekend. Enjoy the abundance of the Tomato Harvest and this last taste of summer. Your taste buds will dance!

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